Friday Follies

What a week this has been.  We struggle to get the bathroom fixed.  We know the water is coming through the bathroom right above us, but our neighbor's stubborn insistence on not letting anyone into her apartment makes it difficult to do anything.  We need those leaks to stop before we can do anything with the bathroom.  

The bathroom will have to have a full remodel.  It will need to be demolished down to the studs to remove all the water from behind the walls.  A month ago I would have been happy with a new paint job.  If there is any good side to this water issue is I get a full remodel.  I am happy to have a whole new bathroom, but it's a long way until it can happen.  I went to the design and supply store yesterday hoping to pick out a few accoutrements and be done with it.  Nothing is available.  Everything is backordered.  We found something available in our second choice.  Now I find out the contractor is going on vacation and won't be back until the end of July.  What if the stuff we want won't be available by then?

Maybe a year from now I will look back on this and laugh.

Anyway, it puts other crap in perspective.  I was 140 today.  Who cares?  I had pork tacos from Salsa Fresca for lunch and I ate all the chips that came with it.  I wouldn't be surprised if the stress burned it all off.

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Monday Check In

So far the HRT hasn't provided any obvious effects.  I don't know why it would when I have been on it less than a week.  I wonder how I will feel a month from now.  I am still not sleeping through the night and I'm having night sweats.

I took my Cologuard test today.  I will ship it off as soon as the UPS store opens this morning.  I have a referral to get an actual colonoscopy, and I considered doing that.  I thought perhaps it was best to see an actual doctor and have him view everything as is, even though my doctor said I am low risk.  I suppose if there were no pandemic, I would.  It's too much hassle to make doctor appointment right now. I also need to schedule a mammogram and ultrasound, so I want to keep life simple and not fill up all my time scheduling appointments.  I will hope everything is good for my test and I don't have to worry about anything for a while.  I feel weird shipping the test off.  I am going to be handing the man behind the counter a box of my poop.  Everyone will know there is poop in that box because it says Cologuard on the box.    

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Menopause Official?

I had my annual gyno appointment this week.  In the past year I have had four periods.  I had one in March, one in November, and two in December (at the beginning and end of the month).  I missed my appointment last year due to COVID, so we had a lot to catch up on.

So far my menopause symptoms haven't been too severe. I get night sweats, but considering I have been a lifelong insomniac (or maybe just a naturally segmented sleeper), the sleep disturbances don't feel too abnormal for me.  I have been having trouble keeping my weight down since I went off the pill, even though my eating habits haven't changed that much.  I have been experiencing natural side effects of aging on my body such as joint degeneration from decades of working out and arthritis in my hip.  I know I am having some mental symptoms, but those could be attributable to COVID ennui as much as they can be attributed to menopause.  

Since I don't think my menopause if official yet (I haven't gone a year without a period), I wasn't planning to take HRT yet.  I always assumed I would start, but I didn't think I was ready yet.  I was a little surprised when the doctor asked if I wanted to.  

I told her I felt okay and didn't think I needed yet, but was planning to take it if the symptoms got worse when menopause became official.  She advised me against this as it might be too much of a shock to my body to start giving it hormones after it has  had some time without them.  It's now or never.

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Non-Vacation Friday

I was 138.8 pounds this morning.  I have been working out tentatively with DB 365 workouts.  I keep it all low impact for my calves and use light weight for upper body work and avoid push-ups and any exercise that has me putting weight in my hands.  I think it’s going pretty well.  Both my Achilles’ tendons hurt now, but if I keep moving, they don‘t hurt.  They are at the worse first thing in the morning when I am stiff.  My elbow is still improving,  but I will keep babying it as much as possible.  I need it to heal completely before I do push-ups (and mountain climbers and straight-arm planks, and heavy dumbbells) again.

Yesterday was a hint of summer.  Today it dropped to the sixties and is getting colder by the hour.  It started out sunny, but it raining now and will rain all weekend.  We will not be eating our dinner outside tonight.  I am sad, but we are all vaccinated.  The weather will get worse all weekend.  I guess it’s good I am not going away.  I went riding today while the sun was still shining.  I was able to ride outside, and that will be my last time this weekend for that.

I don’t have to wear a mask in my building anymore.  I don’t have to wear a mask in the park or walking down the street.  I supposedly can go maskless indoors most places.   I wear them in indoor businesses anyway.  I feel it is a courtesy.  I don’t want people to worry about whether or not I can infect them.  It’s easier to wear a mask than it is to pull out my vaccination card.

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Vacation Canceled

Last Thursday we noticed water was dripping from the ceiling in one of our bathrooms.  It was happening on and off all weekend.  It started coming at a fast and furious pace by Sunday evening.  With help from the super we traced the leak to the shower on the fourth floor (water seems to be bypassing the third floor and doesn't make it to the first).  The super told the tenants on the fourth floor to stop using their shower, but they kept using it and we kept getting the water dripping down (coming dangerously close to the light fixture above the mirror). It's damaging the paint everywhere.  

The tenants on 404 are renters.  We had to get the owner involved.  We threatened to sue if she can't control her tenants.  The super turned the water off in that bathroom so they can't use it.  

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Final Monday Post of May

I doubt I will be posting on Memorial Day Monday since I will be on the road home.  I suppose I can feel better about this too-regular posting.  As I said in my last post, I am not obligated to post or not post on particular days. Yes, I have fallen into a pattern lately, but I am not obligated to stick to the pattern, nor is there anything wrong with sticking to that pattern.

Dinner at La Panetiere was wonderful.  I always expected that place to be formal and stuffy.  It wasn't.  It reminded me more of my favorite restaurant, The Iron Forge Inn in Warwick.  The IFI is a country restaurant, and is also considered fine dining, but it's not as expensive or as prestigious as LP.  It's an American restaurant, while  La Panatiere is solidly French in both style and food.  Both restaurants are in historic homes and decorate with lots of crockery — plates, and jugs and vases.  The art and objects at LP look far more expensive (the paintings on the wall look like they came from a gallery while one of the owners painted most of the paintings on the walls of the IFI).  There are fresh roses on the table.  The food was great. Everyone was happy.  Mom was thrilled.  She joked that she could have gone on vacation for a week with what the meal cost, but in the end she was happy to support a local business.  You only turn 80 once.

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Just A Post

It seems I am making a habit of posting Monday and Friday.  I don't know why I feel weird about that.  Am I refraining from posting whenever something is on my mind because it's not a traditional posting day?  Am I feeling obliged to weigh in on Fridays and give a weekend report on Monday?  Who sets the rules?  Who cares?  Nobody reads this blog. (If you are reading this post, then I apologize for calling you a nobody.  It was hyperbole.)

Well, I don't have to follow rules.  I also don't have to not follow rules.  It's my blog.  If a twice-weekly post works for me now, I might as well stick to it until it doesn't.  I can post other days and I can post neither day or I can continue to post Monday and Friday and that's my prerogative.  I don't need to set rules for myself, or be upset if I look like I'm setting rules for myself.

Anyway, I am still holding steady at 139.8.  I haven't had any weird, inexplicable drops in weight this week, which is somewhat of a relief.  The vain and stupid part of me would like to see some more loss, but I know I am trying to get out of that mindset.  I am a little surprised I didn't weigh more since I had Chinese food for lunch.  The salt should have done me in.

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Good Morning!

It's a beautiful day today.  The sun is out and the temps are going to hit the 70s today.  We're even getting 80s later this week.  There is a good chance we will have 80s for Memorial Day.  That would be so perfect.

I had a good weekend.  The weather was mostly good.  I did my pilates workouts both days and rode on Sunday.  I had a lesson in the dressage ring.  I realized I am in too much pain and am too out of shape to jump.  I was winded after a half hour of flat work.  I also decided if I jumped, it would drive more flexion into my ankle and that would aggravate the pain more.  I don't feel too bad this morning.  I was in some pain last night, but today I feel some improvement. 

The elbow pain has stagnated.  It's no worse, but it doesn't get better for any length of time.  I just have to avoid doing things that make it feel worse.

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This Can't Be Right

This morning my weight was 139.8 pounds.

I should be happy, right?  I haven't been under 140 in over a year.  I say over and over again that the number on the scale is not the be-all and end-all, but it is one way to measure the effectiveness of health habits, and my weight tends to correlate with other health indicators (and I know that's not true for everyone).

Here is what makes me nervous.  I was 143 pounds last week.  How could I possibly have lost four pounds in a week?

I am trying to put this in perspective.  I was 141 in the third week in April.  At that point I had been showing a steady weight loss.  I think I started the year around 147, so 141 toward the end of April is a healthy and normal amount of weight.  

Then I gained a pound in the last week in April and another pound in the first week of May.  Those are normal weight fluctuations, and are consistent with how my body tends to operate.  In those weeks I may have been eating too much salt, too much aquaphilic starch, or simply eating too much. 

This past week I don't think I did anything radically different.  My diet is unchanged.  I can't see that I ate that much less.  Even if I were to say I lost nothing but water weight, it doesn't account for the fact that I ate Chinese food over the weekend and had the leftovers for lunch during the week.  That should have kept my weight up with all that salt.   Kevin and I went out for dessert twice this week as well.

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It Was Called Maytober

One of my friends made a post online calling this Maytober.  April felt like a true spring.  I hoped the trend would continue in May. No such luck.  The temps didn't get out of the 50s all weekend and it's been raining on and off all week.  Today is supposed to be in the 60s and partly sunny, but so far it's drizzly and in the 50s.  Memorial Day weekend doesn't look promising.  As I said, if the weather gods would be so kind as to give me sunshine throughout my July vacation, I will gladly settle for less-than-great weather on Memorial Day.  I'll find ways to amuse myself if the weather is bad.

I was $25 under budget this weekend.  It's funny how I thought I would spend more last week and ended up even more under budget than I was this week.  I have to remember I didn't buy gas last week.  This week I was $55 under budget on food, but then I put $30 worth of gas in the tank.  

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