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Like Taking An Ocean Cruise

...only there is no boat and you don't actually go anywhere

16 July 1970
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I'm a cook, an equestrian, and an amateur singer, actress, and tap dancer. I love reading all kinds of books and ranting about politics. On the rare occasions you find me at home, I'm in the kitchen, making sure nothing I create looks or tastes even remotely as if it could have been prepared by Rachael Ray or Sandra Lee.

I have two other blogs out in the blogsphere on Blogger focused on life/observations and food respectively. This blog is strictly about my current financial and fitness goals as a way of keeping everything recorded and keeping myself honest. Although this is a public journal, don't expect it to be interesting. It isn't. It's just me talking about how well I ate, how much I exercised, and how much money I spent or saved. Occasionally I talk about personal stuff just to get it off my chest and I usually end up deleting it.